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Oh and there might be some residual anti-dirkjake and anti-dirkjane materials that we submitted to some popular blogs which did not post them yet. So enjoy, maybe.

Hi. I was just wondering, what are your reasons for hating dirkjake? As a fan of it, I am interested in why exactly you don't like it- I'm sure there are several good reasons. There's good and bad sides to every ship. (I don't know if you particularly care, but I would like to mention that I also ship Dirk/Roxy and Jake/Jane- so it's not like Dirk and Jake are the only two I ship.)

Your score is 3/6. Congrats.

You hate the ship but do you hate the characters as well? Like do you hate Dirk as a character? And how about Jake?

I love both of them.

DirkJake is the BEST SHIP. i will saIL IT INTO HELL. whERE I WILL FIND YOU AND ILL RUb the dirkjake in your stUPID SHIP HATING FAce.

Bless you.


A good ship. Though Alpha ships are better.

you get a lot of repeats of the same retarded asks. "ur y ppl hate the fandom" "don't tag ur hate!!" "omg u hate something, AWARD" and you always reply with the same answer. these people just never get the message do they? i'm sorry.

Don’t be sorry. We were having good laughs at those.

"people needs to learn how to ignore" You include yourself in said sentence dont you? Dont like thing >> ignore thing. Dont like dirkjake? ignore it. You're just an attention whore pal.

Yes we are,and it was a success.

Oh you fell for it, didn’t you?

Okay, so, with that post on unpopular-hs-opinion, I hope you guys realize that this and dirkjanesucks are troll blogs. You guys just made this too easily for us.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs. It’s been fun seeing all of these butthurts.

Consequently, this blogs and dirkjanesucks will be on hiatus. So, enjoy your shipping, and we hope y’all have a good day.

(If you are curious, we ship all 6 of post-scratch pairings.)

Oh, how interesting. So which parent ignores you the most? I'm going to put you in the 13-17 age range. Your father is probably affable, but emotionally unavailable, and I assume your relationship with your mother is rocky and strained. It's nice that your friends pay attention to you because of this blog, I suppose, but it's not a very healthy mechanism for seeking attention. Why don't you produce original content? Are you afraid your friends would laugh at you if you did?

Oh wow are we getting a little bit too personal here. Sadly all of what you guess is again totally wrong. Please stop, this is getting too pathetic.

Well I am not seeking attention from my friend via this blog. This is solely for my entertaining purpose. I did produce original content. Please look through my blog to find it, if interested.

'bye, hater' i whisper as i click the block button

Thanks for your last farewell.